Sunday, 11 September 2016

First impressions of Makeup Revolution's Flawless Matte palette!

Yes, I spent my last little bit of money on an eye shadow palette, It now seems clear I have a fully fledged shopping addiction... All I can think about is how close it's getting to PAY DAY, the reason being so I can do lots more shopping, whoops.

Anyway I'll get into the review and first impressions! So after walking into super drug and establishing that I've never tried anything from Makeup Revolution I decided I wanted to try something from their range, so I picked up this Flawless Matte Palette for just £8:00!
The Packaging

Firstly the packaging is nothing special, which is obviously expected for such a reasonably priced product, however it is neat and presentable in it's simple black case.

The shades

The first thing I looked at, even before purchasing it, was the colour range of the palette. I instantly liked the idea of a whole matte palette as I didn't already own one and this palette consists of some beautiful colours; ranging from neutral taupes and browns to greeny/greys and pale pinks, I love the colours this palette has to offer. If this palettes not for you, I noticed Makeup Revolution have so many different palettes!

How they apply

These eye shadows are very fine powders so they apply very smooth and glide on, however as they are so fine I would definitely recommend using a primer before applying them, this will prevent fall downs, they will stay on better and they will appear more pigmented.


For the price I wasn't expecting these to be as pigmented as they are, and I tried them without a primer! It is hard to appreciate the pigmentation over a camera but you can still see these are pretty pigmented for £8.

From top to bottom these shades are: Taupe, Matte, Stone, Earth and Charcoal,

I also created a neutral but defining look with this palette using a variety of the shades.

The Verdict

Overall for £8 I really like this palette, my favourite thing about it is the variety of different colours, 32 to be precise, and how soft they are, I think I will use a primer with them next time as it will make them even more pigmented and stay on better, as well as preventing fall downs.

I hope you enjoyed this little review and first impressions and I will link this palette below!


  1. Lovely post, Lauryn! I love those shadows! They look absolutely gorgeous! Definitely use Urban Decay's potion primer. It works wonders! xx

    1. Thank you so much:) I really like them and I think they are so good for the price! I will definitely get some when pay day comes, thanks x

  2. There are so many shades! You could create so many looks with just this palette omg xx

  3. I know it's pretty amazing for £8!xxxx