Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Back to reality!

After completely neglecting my beloved blog I have decided to start blogging twice a week from now on, I may even decide to blog on certain days but we'll see!

After a very sunny, eventful holiday I have decided to try and reintroduce some order and routine into my busier than ever life! But this is what I call living!

I am starting to become more proactive rather than spending time laying around when I get home from work as I've learnt there's not enough hours in the day! For example tonight when I got home I spent time with my family, went for a run because it makes me feel so much better and allows me to clear my mind, then I showered and made my dinner (sweet potato, cheese & beans!) I am now writing this blog post and just catching up on social media.
A pre run selfie, believe me I was so sweaty after

Although I decided not to broadcast my GCSE results on Facebook I wanted to share the fact that I am so proud of them, after putting in so much time to revise and dealing with exam nerves- I did it! 2 A*'s, 2 A's, 1 B, & 4 C's! Yay, what you put in really does pay off! When mum told me my results over the phone (as I was on holiday) I was literally so happy.

I am starting the gym when pay day comes round so I will keep you updated with progress and how I get along, as well as my running that I started again today!
I am sorry for the random holiday photos scattered throughout this blog post, it's just me sharing holiday pics and my thoughts at the same time!

On my holiday my good luck struck and my brand new go-pro broke, it has filled with water despite being 'fully waterproof' so all the good footage got deleted, including the video of me jumping off the big rock and cutting my toe- all for the vlog...and because my 5 year old half brother did so I kind of had to!

This is a cool picture that I saved from the Go pro footage! I think it's pretty cool, hence why I'm only exchanging the broken go pro and not taking it back!

So after a little catch up and my first blog post in almost a month I will leave it here, my next blog post will be a proper one and not just my jumbled thoughts!


  1. I love the picture from your Go Pro! That's so cool! Also, congratulations on your results! That's incredible. x

  2. Thank you, I thought it was quite cool too, except from my face haha! Thank you so much❤️ X

  3. Congrats on your results! Lovely photos of your holiday, shame about the GoPro though xx

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like the photo's, It is a shame, just my luck though haha <3