Tuesday, 20 September 2016

My skin care routine!

After coming back from my first ever gym session (and loving it) I thought I would share my current skin care routine with you as at the moment I am using a variety of different products rather than using all Liz Earl like before.

So after using a wipe to take my makeup off I go straight in with Clinique's Clarifying lotion for Oily & Combination skin, you can obviously get this for other skin types but I opted for the one to eliminate oil!

This is obviously a high end product at £16.50 but this leaves my skin feeling so refreshed, clean and so bright. I have definitely noticed a difference in how glowy my skin looks when using this product.

I know that you aren't meant to use this first however I think this is the perfect product to take your makeup off before using a face wash, I do use this in the morning on its own before applying my makeup.

The next product I use at the moment (I bought this a few days ago) Is Freederm's sensitive face wash, I picked this up In Superdrug as I have left my Tea Tree face wash at my dads, however this also combats oil and at the moment in Superdrug you get this face wash for free when you buy the Freederm gel, so really its a winner! I like the consistency of this face wash and how refreshing it is on my face, I would particularly recommend this to teenagers who are just starting to get a few spots as it is so affordable yet effective. 

I then go on to using my Liz Earl light moisturiser for Oily/combination skin, This is the only moisturiser I really like as it is so light and doesn't make my skin feel more oily than it already is! It makes my skin feel soft as well as healthy and vibrant.

The last product that I have been using in my every day skin care routine is also a new addition, Freederm's gel, as I said earlier I when I bought this gel I got the face wash for free! This gel is amazing, you can notice a different over night, it really does make spots become less inflamed and noticeable just with one application. You don't get a lot for your money however it is so good for battling spots! 

To finish, the face mask that I use when I want a good, deep cleanse is Liz Earls' Deep cleansing Clay mask, this comes in a bottle and you get SO MANY applications from each bottle, Like all Liz Earl products this is perfect for sensitive skin and I have found that it helps with fighting excess oil and preventing spots! 

I hope you enjoyed my current everyday skin care routine and I will see you soon with a video on my youtube channel: Life of a Blonde Be sure to Like and Subscribe if you enjoy my videos!

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