Tuesday, 12 April 2016

DIY Healthy Hair Mask

I am a lover of Pinterest and I'm one of those people who could sit there on it for hours, i just think it has everything! Last night I was having a little search on it and I came across a very popular DIY hair mask, it sounded simple and loads of people had saved it; so I had to give it a try.
The mask consists of 3 ingredients: Raw Coconut oil, 1 Egg, and Olive oil. I am aware there are many of you who are thinking who the hell would want an egg in your hair.. but believe me it's so nourishing and gives great results.
The egg is great for adding extra protein to your hair, this helps to strengthen it and helps with growth! The Coconut and Olive oil both help to give your hair a nice healthy shine and make it extra soft! I left it on for an hour whilst revising and then washed my hair as normal.
Despite the awful lighting and the fact I'm still in my uniform (blame it on revision) you can see how healthy and shiny my hair looks, this simple DIY hair mask has completely rejuvenated and pampered my hair!

The best thing to apply the mask with is a glazing brush as the hair mask has quite a runny consistency and I found it so much easier to apply with this brush!

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