Monday, 18 April 2016


I am yet again going to start this blog post with an apology for my inactiveness last week, I have been attempting to revise and on top of that I've been working a few shifts at my new job!

@b.peachey- Your favourite food?

My all time favourite food would have to be mashed potato (with no lumps!) and raspberries, obviously not together as that would be gross..

What inspired you to have a blog?

There are several things that inspired me to have a blog, firstly I wanted to have somewhere where I could share my thoughts, photography and aspects of my life and just have a little space for myself. Secondly in years to come I want to be able to look back on my best memories along with my thoughts and having a blog allows me to do that!

Favourite shops?

My favourite shops are Topshop (except the prices) River island and!

What is your favourite snapchat filter?

@royallyrouge- Top 3 drugstore lip products?

I do prefer high end lip products however these 2 are my favourite from the drugstore! 

1: Revlon Colourburst lipsticks in any colour- They are amazing and do not dry out on your lips! 

2: Tanya burrs lip glosses, These have a really nice formula, good pigmentation and last for several hours!

@Vanilla.highlights- What is your favourite blog post of your own?

It would have to be my 'Wandering Tupholme Abbey' post as I had a lovely time, the weather was beautiful and I took some good photographs! I also like my 'Tied down' post as I felt like I let out a lot of my thoughts and frustration from revision!

Best piece of life advice?

My best piece of life advice would be Love yourself, Laugh lots and live for yourself and not for the expectations of society!

How do you think blogging is improving you as an individual?

I think that blogging has allowed me to completely be myself and express myself through my blog, it helps me to relax and wind down after revision and I don't have anything negative to say about it!

Your favourite season?

Spring! It's not too cold and not too hot, there's masses of beautiful flowers and it's just a happy, uplifting season  I also love the fashion and refreshing makeup looks that comes with it!

Your dream holiday plan?

I've always wanted to go to Hawaii, it looks absolutely beautiful with its white beaches and its turquoise sea, just look at it!

Thank you for your questions and for anyone that's dealing with revision stress right now.. I know how you feel!

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