Thursday, 7 April 2016

The history of Hastings- Photo diary 2!

I'm sorry that this is a day late, we ended up staying out late last night and so unfortunately I couldn't write this blog post, but it's here now!

Yesterday we visited Hastings, it has a lot of history to it and is right next to the sea which makes it even nicer. There was quite a lot to see and do and it was great for photography, unfortunately the weather didn't provide us with the best lighting meaning that my pictures weren't the best.. but oh well!
 Firstly we went up a little lift that took us to the top of Hastings allowing us to see the whole landscape including the beach front where all the boats are and also the peer. I was a bit nervous when the lift started making weird noises.. but I survived the journey so all is well haha.

We walked along the beach front which was covered with different boats as it is a working beach, it was also covered in masses of dead fish which was a peculiar yet sorry sight, don't worry I didn't take a picture. I really like photographing boats!

There were also so many sea gulls around who seemed to be using the fish filled front as a fast food takeaway..
Later on when we went back to the van we were greeted by at least 15 gulls flapping on top of the roof and they didn't seem to be any where else..

We also had a wander through the little town of Hastings which was packed with little boutiques and cute cafes. The scaffolding in this photograph really annoyed me..

After a walk of about a mile, up many hills, down alley ways and over roads we finally reached the castle of Hastings built by William the conqueror, as we couldn't visit the town without viewing its history.
 I'm going to be honest I don't really know a lot about this ruin as we were in a rush to get back, but I found it very interesting and enjoyed seeing a little bit of the past.

This was the view from the top of the hill that the castle was up on.
I had a nice day with my family and managed to get some nice photographs along the way.
I have a nice face I know haha!

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