Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Camber Sands- Day 1

Yesterday we arrived at Camber sands, an old little seaside town. After spending our first day at the beach, eating chips and playing on the arcades; because who could resist the 2p machines? I thought I would share just a few photographs and captions of what we have been up to, I have to admit I have only taken a few for today but I will share what I have.

I haven't been to the beach for a while so it was nice to get some fresh sea air today; a bit too much air as it was very windy... but it was still nice to visit the sea.

The beach we visited today was ideal, as it had it's pebbly part and it's soft, sandy part. I've always found it interesting looking at the different stones, pebbles and shells, and every beach visit I find myself trying to find a fossil which never seems to happen!

For a UK beach the water was nice and clear, however it was far too cold to even put our feet in. I find the sea soothing and enjoyable to look at, I think it's the sound of the water lapping...

What's a beach visit without carving your name into the sand, yes I still do this. I also started building a massive sand castle with Liam, before I realised how patient I had to be, dads are definitely in charge of sand castles anyway!

Despite the very windy weather, we were blessed with a lovely blue sky.

Me and a little cutie..

That's all for day 1's photo diary, and I'll hopefully be sharing another one with you tomorrow!

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