Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Tied down..

Until more recent times I've never experienced the feeling of being completely tied down by something, having two horses, two houses to go to, a relationship, school and the everyday busyness of life never gave me the feeling of exhaustion and being overwhelmed. At the moment I get to points where I find myself losing the will to even look at any form of revision; contemplating whether to just become a recluse and just live a simple, minimalist life. No more revision, no more countless hours of getting your head around something that you need for ONE, single exam and then never again! But then I think of my future, how i thrive off of hard work, doing well and feeling like I have successfully achieved my goals. It will be worth it.
I hate the whole concept of the educational system, how it is drilled into us that we must all get amazing grades, do A levels (or the equivalent) and then go off to university, and unless we do that then 'we won't succeed in life, we'll never have enough money or get a good job.' It's so wrong. Although times have thoroughly changed, I know several people that have good, well payed jobs that went against the status quo, went down a different, more suited path and have succeeded and achieved what they wanted. Today, they want us to be sheep, no individuality; to them we're nothing but statistical figures, percentages. Labels.

I don't really know where this blog post is going, it's really just my views after doing a solid 6 hours of revision today, but I can really emphasise to the millions of people across the world who feel like  they seem to be living at their computer desk, falling asleep to facts and figures- revision whizzing around. I know how you feel. Unless you're one of those people who can just take everything in instantaneously and therefore have no need for revision; I really envy you!

I find that taking little breaks helps me to get through the drag of revision, going for a run ( if i have the energy), watching some TV, eating food is always a good one, seeing your friends! There are ways to get through it and for me thinking of the end result is the prime one! I have to keep myself motivated.
I hope everyone's having a nice holiday and if you've been revising make sure you take some time for yourself.

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