Monday, 21 March 2016

Easy Easter hamper and a catch up!

Yet again i have been abusing my blog as i only posted once last week, and just like before I'm going to blame it on revision- lots of it! Although most of my time is consisting of revising i have managed to fit in a few more leisurely things, as an Easter tradition Chad's family all make Easter hampers and put them into a raffle, the idea being that everyone ends up with someone else's hamper. So this year I've had the chance to make my own hamper and quite frankly I've really enjoyed doing something crafty and not revision related! I have finished my hamper all except putting the cellophane and bow on top!

I was lucky enough to find a hamper basket that came with cellophane and a big pink bow from The works. I think this set would be perfect for putting together gifts for any occasions!

I haven't really got a set theme for my hamper, however i think it is very girly and i might have accidentally filled it with my favourite things..

I wanted to make it a little more personal so i decided to make a simple, cute Easter DIY. I just got a little mason jar lined it with pink tissue paper, i drew 3 little Easter eggs on it too. I then filled the jar with a pack of Smarties eggs and placed some kitchen roll over the top before tying twine around the top. I think this looks really sweet!

I also added a Toblerone and a little chocolate plaque with 'Happy Easter' iced onto it!

Finally i added some Jelly beans from my all time favourite, the Jelly bean factory and i picked out a really cute Easter egg from Chockablock, i was so tempted to eat this. Honestly.

I picked up the little pastel polystyrene eggs from Boyes in Lincoln, i think they add a nice , girly final touch to the hamper.

Another reason why i haven't been posting as frequently is because I've recently got a job in a hair and beauty salon, One hair and Beauty. I am really enjoying it so far; I'm learning so much and it really is a lovely, professional, relaxing salon if you are looking for somewhere to get your hair cut, they do prom hair too!

I am really looking forward to the Easter holidays, i am going away with my dad, and i finally get to go to Brighton, Yay! I will definitely be blogging my visit and taking lots of photography.

I hope you're having a good week so far:)

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