Sunday, 13 March 2016

Loving Liz Earle!

Last week it occurred to me that except from using a face wash at night time, I had more or less no set skincare routine, and I decided that I should start one, because at the end of the day you only have one face for the rest of your life and so you should look after your skin! After watching a few beauty youtubers skin routines I decided that I was going to invest in some Liz Earle products.

I got the March essentials deal, which consists of a Cleanse and polish, a toner, and a suitable moisturiser, then you get to pick a complimentary problem solver, I got the deep cleansing mask! As a botanical treat I also got a free mini cleanse and polish which is so useful for travelling. I got all of this for £45 which is so good in my opinion, for the quality of the products! I got the combination/oily moisturiser as I suffer with more oily skin than dryer skin.

I started using these products straight away in the order of Cleanse, tone and moisturise! I have also tried out the clay face mask too, however you only need to use this about once a week!

I am so so impressed with these products, my skin is looking and feeling better than ever and this is just after 1 week. I use these products morning and night and they leave my skin feeling fresh and soft, and my skin is very sensitive and I have had no issues with them irritating my skin! They are 100% worth the money and I really would recommend these products for anyone as they cater for every skin type and also have a massive range of different products. You also get 2 muslin cloths to use with the cleanse and polish which work really effectively in removing any grime or stubborn bits of makeup!

From using these products I have noticed that my skin has become brighter and healthier looking, my blemishes along my hair line have cleared! I have had less oil appear on my face and also my skin is feeling so soft and rejuvenated, do not hesitate in buying these amazing products, I love them!

Thanks Liz Earle!

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