Monday, 8 February 2016

Sweetheart Style!

With Valentines day shortly approaching i thought i would put together and share with you a super cute but classy outfit, suitable for a meal out or even a nice meal in! including my gorgeous new off the shoulder body suit from Boohoo which i absolutely adore, it is so pretty!
 I'm sorry about the photo- quality of the stripes on the skirt, it's just the effect the flash has on it! I think this Striped Midi skirt from Primark goes perfectly with the white body as it am loving monochrome recently and the fitted skirt contrasts the flowy top beautifully and is very figure flattering!
Personally i think wearing an open back top or dress is so sophisticated and classy, i love how this top sits on my shoulders and it is also so comfortable! The great thing about body suits is you don't have to worry about them creasing up as they stay put perfectly and it's like wearing a leotard! This is my second one in my wardrobe now- Definitely favourites for this season!

I paired this outfit with these simple, black, chunky, open toed heels that i picked up from Office last year, they are so comfortable and i think they go perfectly with this outfit- dressing it up! Definitely a pair of go to heels!

I think this look can be pulled of my most people as it is simplistic and very, very flattering!

I love this outfit and think it would be great for Valentines day or just a more formal occasion!

I hope you enjoyed this look and have a great week!

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