Friday, 12 February 2016

Luscious lipsticks!

My latest makeup obsession of 2016 has been lipsticks, i have found myself experimenting with different brands and colours! I thought i would share my top 3 recent favourites with you tonight, as i have been absolutely loving them!

1. One that i have been loving and wearing frequently throughout January is Macs Velvet Teddy it's such a great, versatile, every day shade that goes with so many different looks! It is a beautiful warm, mauve tone and it goes lovely with Macs Whirl lip liner. I love the pigmentation of Macs lipsticks and it has a nice, lasting consistency; however i would prefer the formula to be more creamy as i find myself having to apply lip balm before applying this lipstick.

2. Number 2 on my list has to be my new lipstick from Younique, this brand is fairly new to the UK and if you haven't already tried their products i would definitely recommend it as they are amazing quality! This lipstick is a Mood Struck Opulence lipstick in the shade Upscale,
 it's a pearly, shimmery pink/ nude shade and i think it's absolutely stunning! It's perfect for everyday wear and it really does brighten up your makeup look.

I love love love the formula of this, it is super creamy and nourishing on your lips- i am definitely going to be buying more of these lipsticks- amazing.

3. To finish- Is also a new purchase, a Revlon Colour burst lip butter in Red velvet, i have been meaning to try these lipsticks for ages, as i have heard so many good review on them; and they have 100% lived up to their name. This is a beautiful deep red/maroon shade, it is so so nourishing and long lasting- i have to say this is my all time favourite drug store lipstick and i will have to get some of the other colours.
This picture causes it to look more pink than red, but it really is a beautiful colour, i will definitely be wearing it for valentines day!

I hope you enjoyed this post and enjoy some time to yourselves over half term! I am sorry about the photo quality as my SD card for my camera has gone missing i have had to use my phone camera-hence the quality.

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