Monday, 15 February 2016

A good old catch up!

Hi guys, a chatty post for tonight so be prepared, i hope everyone had a nice valentines day; whether you spent it alone watching films and indulging, eating chocolates, or with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Me and Chad went to handmade burger and had a lovely time- I of course managed to set my napkin alight by unnoticeably placing it on our tea light, i suddenly saw a huge flame out the corner of my eye and i unhelpfully reacted by just alerting Chad about it! which was quite amusing, haha whoops- it resulted with this:

It was such a laugh and we had some lovely food- Thanks Handmade burger for having such a good Gluten free menu!

I was also very lucky and received some beautiful flowers and some Lindor chocolates(Love you Chad)

So back in November i put up a post called 'Deciding what's next!' this was about the decision i had made about what i thought i wanted to do after finishing school and the steps i had taken to decide that; however since then i have completely changed my mind, put things more in to perspective and discovered what i really want to do!

At that time i was adamant that i wanted to do the Health and Social course at college, heading down the science root. Looking back, i never truly wanted to take science any further after GCSE (as triple science has put me off for life.) Previously when asking for advice about what to do next, the most received bit of advice I've had was 'follow your heart and do what you love' for ages i didn't know what i loved and wanted to pursue as a career- but it turns out i was looking to far away! After several people had asked me ' Is it Journalism you're wanting to go into Lauryn, as I've seen your blog?' i realised how much i love and enjoy writing and i could instantly see myself working within Journalism!

Since then i have looked further into what qualifications i would require, and this is the alternative root of taking A levels- which i am very eager to do now! I am hoping to take English Lit/Lang, Media, Sociology, and French! I looked round Christ Hospital school and all being well i am going there to do my A levels, i wanted to move from William Farr as after 5 years i am in need of a change of scenery and people, the thought of a new start is an exciting concept for me!

As an aspiring Journalist, my blog is a great thing for me as it allows me to write, express my feelings, experiences, views and opinions all in one place; which is a skill that is definitely necessary for a Journalist.

For those of you still unsure about what you want to do at the end of this year and for a career i would say 3 things,
  • Rule out anything you 100% don't want to do, or certain conditions that you don't want to work in (e.g. working in an office)
  • Look at what you love doing, your interests and your strengths
  • Do what you want to do, not what everyone else wants you to do- remember it's your life!
Enjoy your half term break whatever you get up to!


  1. That's such great advice for people unsure of what they want to do!! I hope you don't mind, but I've got a piece of advice for you.. Lots of my friends took A Levels, and they've all said it's a lot of work (Not trying to put you off!), so I would recommend looking at BTECs as well, such as media, as I do a music tech BTEC, and it's all coursework-based, and great fun!!
    But good luck with whatever you decide to do, and remember, it's your future, no one else's!! <3 x

  2. Thank you, I'm glad you think so! I don't mind at all, yes I have heard that A levels are hard work and very essay based, however unfortunately A levels are the only root for journalism- personally I think there should be more Btecs!! I'm glad that you are enjoying your music; it sounds like great fun! Thanks lovely x x