Thursday, 14 January 2016

The perfect Scents!

Before Christmas i had literally ran out of all body sprays and perfumes, i found myself stealing my mums! So i hinted for a few different scents for Christmas, and i was very lucky with the out come!

I thought i would share the body sprays and perfumes i have been loving and wearing recently!

1. Chanel Mademoiselle

I was so surprised when i un-wrapped this on Christmas, i have always wanted a Chanel perfume but they are very expensive! This perfume is a classic and the scent suits most girls, it is a sweet yet almost warming scent and i love it! One spritz and you can smell it on you all day, 100% recommend it! I tend to wear this on special occasions rather than everyday.

After smelling so many different Victoria Secret sprays at school i couldn't resist, so one got added to my Christmas list and i was so lucky to receive it! Love addict is a sweet, floral, fruity scent and i love it, i have been taking this to school and have received several compliments on it, so it's definitely a good one to try!

This was actually a surprise and i didn't know what to expect which was so exciting! This scent is gorgeous! Unlike the other two above i wouldn't describe this as a sweet scent, it is soft and delicate and has undertones of petals and sandal wood, it is so refreshing and a perfect scent for all year round!

I received this in a Ted Baker gift set and just like all the other Ted Baker scents i really like it, i also love the rose quartz esc packaging! This spray has floral/fruity notes incorporated into it with a stronger musk and sandalwood base, it is perfect to keep in your makeup bag and a lovely everyday scent! I have to say this has to be my favourite Ted Baker scent!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, that's all for today..

Lauryn x

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