Sunday, 17 January 2016

Long coats and Loafers!

On Saturday me and mum had a very exciting trip into town, i got my prom dress! Which is so gorgeous, but I'm not sharing any pictures yet! I got it from Sugar and Spice if any one was wondering, they offered a really good service and I'm in love with my dress.

As well as getting my dress i also couldn't resist going into Topshop as i saw the sale sign and who doesn't love sales? The first thing i spotted were some black, leather loafers with tassels on, they are nothing like any of my other shoes and i had to get them, and it's always great when you get told they're half price at the till! £18 down from £32 and i love them!

After having a further browse i noticed a gorgeous sandy/beige long boyfriend style coat, i have wanted a long coat for a long time as i think they make up any outfit! This is still in store if you are interested ( I'll link it here)and it's so comfy as well as stylish, it comes down to the middle of my thigh which is a perfect length in my opinion .

I paired the coat with my black, cord, A- line skirt, a burgundy jumper- for a pop of colour and my new tasselled loafers!

Personally i think this coat can be pulled off by anyone and it is so easy to pair with so many different outfits due to it's simplistic style and colour!

I think the Loafers and the Boyfriend style coat are a great combination and i will definitely be incorporating this combo into more looks!

What combinations have you been loving recently? That's all for today- Lauryn x

I have linked all the items in this outfit below, or very similar items!


  1. You've got a cute look going on. I love a comfy pair of loafers.

    1. Thank you so much! Me too and they go with so many different looks:)