Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Truly Innocent Smoothies!

As you might have figured out from seeing several smoothie posts on my Instagram or Snapchat, if you follow me (Lauryn1379) I am completely obsessed with Smoothies, the addiction started about a year ago and ever since I've managed to have my daily fix of a fresh smoothie!

-The NutriBullet  (Excuse how dirty mine is, the flash makes it look worse)
Abouta year ago i asked my dad if i could 'borrow' his Nutribullet which really we both really knew he wasn't going to get it back! After a week of experimenting with different fruits, greens and juices i discovered what i had been missing out on! This blitzer is so quick and easy to use and the outcome of the smoothies are amazing! There are 2 blades one for fruits and greens ect and another one for seeds and nuts, i really recommend this as I've loved it for over a year now.

-My favourite Smoothie Recipe!
Once you get past the green off putting colour this really is a refreshing, rejuvenating, feel good smoothie!

You Will Need:

1.Strawberries- 4 or 5 big ones will do

2.Blueberries and Raspberries!- I tend to go with a decent handful of each

3. Spinach!- fill around half of the smoothie cup with Spinach, it is a great source of protein, fibre and full of vitamins!

4. Natural Yoghurt- Personally i would stay away from sugary flavoured yoghurts and go with a low fat natural one, it is great for your immune system and contains many amino acids too!

5. Flax Seeds! This is great to put in your Smoothies as it's a source of Protein, Omega 3, Iron and Magnesium!

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