Sunday, 24 January 2016

Sunday Strolls and Ice cream!

Recently I have found myself so busy, caught up in revision, working, riding, sorting various things out for school and 6th form, and it has become a rarity that I get to just go out on a walk and just breath! So when Dad asked what I wanted to do today I asked if we could take the dog and go for a walk at Whisby Nature Reserve, so that's where we went!

I wore my new denim pinafore dress with a jumper underneath, along with my new boyfriend style coat and my loafers (big mistake- it was so muddy and I got blisters)  Excuse the picture quality I didn't have my camera!

We went on the second longest walk but it didn't feel long as we were chatting amongst us and just appreciating our surroundings, my brother did say "It's a bit boring walking around here though , there's nothing really to see.." and my response was "Yes but really, there is. Sometimes we just don't appreciate the little things that we are so use to." which is true in many cases! I love the railway bridge at whisby, I like how you can lean right over the railway.

Of course I made Morgan and Liam partake in a sibling selfie, I'm not really sure they wanted to but I made them haha, I am not happy that Morgan is officially taller than me now, although that isn't hard at all with me being 5ft 3.

One of the reasons I love Whisby is the lake, I find it soothing just walking around it and the sound of Ducks and Swans flapping around, is that weird? Probably.

Like I said earlier it was a big mistake wearing my loafers, it was very muddy and because they're new and still quite hard my shoes ere rubbing, so towards the end I had to walk ridiculously slow, behind the rest of my family and to make it even worse I had to keep stopping scraping mud of my shoes with leaves, trust me to pick up a prickly leaf!

                                               Just realised I'm a bit of a poser, Whoops!

   Especially towards the end of our walk when it was getting darker, the lake looked so beautiful

I really liked my outfit today, I think that the denim compliments the material and colour of my coat perfectly! You can find this pinafore (here) and it's in the sale!

After we finished our walk we sat outside and got a nice, warming hot chocolate- we kind of had to as we had bribed Liam with one the whole way round!

Then after our drinks things just got better, dad said he would take us to Daisy Made to get some ice cream, I of course got Chocolate and also Peanut Butter, both of which were delicious! You can't beat Daisy Made's Ice cream in my opinion.

It was so nice to get away from my usual surroundings and get some fresh air around my family, Whisby is definitely a favourite of mine.

What have you been doing this weekend?

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