Monday, 23 November 2015

Simple Christmas DIYS!

At the weekend mum told me about some pine cones that were "all over the ground, just down the road, and they seem to good to leave there" this triggered me to think about what i could use them for, and i suddenly got an image of them hanging above the fire, with some silver glitter on of course! So me and mum went to Asdas and Tesco's to get some Christmassy DIY craft stuff. I have 2 Christmas DIY'S to share today.

- Hanging Christmas Pinecones

For this DIY you will need:

  • Pinecones- about 6

  • Twine- you can get this from Asdas in the Christmas section.

  • Picture hooks- you can probably get these from hardware places i got mine from the picture framing place down my road!

  • Glitter and Glue

I found Hairspray an easier option, the glitter stuck better with it!

  • Berries/Holly (optional)


1. wash and dry all your pinecones, before either applying PVA glue or spraying hair spray (i found hairspray works better)  and sprinkling each pine cone with glitter, Hairspray also adds a more varnished effect to the Pinecone.

2. Once you have let the pinecones dry screw a picture hook into the top if each pinecone

3. Then thread the hook through the twine tying a knot securing it where you want on the bunting, do this for all the pinecones.

4. If you want extra decoration, tie little bunches of berries in-between each pinecone

I loved the outcome of this simple yet festive DIY, i couldn't not share it with you, I've hung it above the fire and it adds a homely, festive look to the lounge!

This looks so much better and more glittery in real life, but you get the idea!

Festive Snowmen!

You will need:

Little Jars or Votive candle holders- you can find these in Tesco's for 50p each!

  • Mini Snow men or any Christmas character- I also found these in Tesco's!

  • Twine

  • Cotton wool

  • Glitter- any colour you want

  • sequins or confetti

  • Glue

What to do:

For the first glass- line the glass with a cotton wool circle,placing the snow man on top, then sprinkle some glitter into the glass and finally tie a bow around the glass using twine- this is so easy yet festive and cute!

For the second glass- Place the snowman inside and decorate the outside with sequins or confetti, i used rose gold hearts that i picked up in Tesco's!

For the third and final one- Place the snowman in the jar, covering it with glitter again and to finish add some holly and a small bunch of winter berries!

These are so simple and self explanatory however i thought i would share this DIY that i came up with so that you can add a simple but festive touch to your home whilst enjoying a nice DIY.

That's all for today, i really enjoyed creating and making these DIY'S and i hope you liked them!

Lauryn x

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