Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Winter Tag!

I wanted to post tonight but i wasn't to sure on what to do.. so i thought i would do the winter tag!

1. What are your favourite things about winter?

For me winter is all about the comfy, oversized jumpers, the warm boots, and fur. Coming home from school to a warm fire, and the aroma of a Christmas candle. Another thing i love is the cool, crisp morning air when i walk to the bus stop and the beautiful sun sets in the evenings. When the weathers bearable i love wrapping up warm and venturing out on my horses, with my mum, the feel of the icy breeze against my face is so refreshing and exhilarating. 

2.  What is your favourite winter outfit?

I love the classic winter look of collared blouses with jumpers layered on top, with high-waisted jeans and my brown suede fur lined boots from Topshop and of course my navy fur lined Topshop coat! I also have been loving anything in the colours Rust and berry. I also love my Hunter wellies with my warm welly socks!

3. What is your favourite winter food?

I love a warming home made vegetable soup in the colder months, followed by a comforting meal such as toad in the hole with mashed potato or a traditional Sunday roast!

4. Favourite winter drink?

My favourite winter drinks have to be Cadburys hot chocolate and a Twining's flavoured green tea at the moment i have been loving Soothing Camomile and Honey, i have found that it has been effective in helping me to relax and also sleep easier!

5. What is your dream way to spend a winters day?

In front of the fire, watching a good film, with a green tea and some snacks!

6. How do you like to do your make- up in winter?

I tend to keep my powder and mascara the same throughout the seasons, however in the winter months i love a darker lip and a brown/gold toned eye shadow.

7. What are you hoping Santa brings you?

Well i am not particularly hoping for anything, however maybe a Victoria Secret spray, a scarf, some clothes? because you can never have enough, anything cute or meaningful i also love!

8. What are the first three things that remind you of Winter?

The smell of a burning fire, spiced candles and warm clothes!

9. What is your favourite winter song?

It has to be Mistletoe by Justin Beiber, it subtlety gets me in the mood for Christmas without being overwhelming and i love the lyrics!

10. What is your favourite Winter memory?

When i was about 7 we went to stay at my Granddads, it was mid December and forecast for snow, I remember peeking through the curtains to see a thick blanket of fresh, clean snow covering every inch of Granddads massive garden. Me and my brother wrapped up warm, put on our wellies and dived into the depth of the snow, we made a Snow man and then had a snowball fight until we were so cold we couldn't feel anything, we then went indoors, sat by the fire and sipped hot chocolates!

11. What is your favourite Winter scent?

Ginger bread baking in the oven and Christmas spice candles.

12. Finish this sentence... If i could have one wish this Christmas it would be...

For my family to all be happy and enjoy each others company and for less fortunate people around the world to have a good,safe Christmas and get the things they need!

Please take part in doing the Winter tag and get into the festive mood! That's all for today.

Lauryn x

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