Sunday, 8 November 2015

Deciding what's next!

For the past few months I have been constantly stressing about what I wanted to do after finishing my GCSE'S so I did a few things to help me make my final decision about my future career and what path way I need to take!

1. What area do you want your future career to be in? The first decision you should make is what kind of career you want, do you want to work with adults, cars, animals, children etc, this gives you an idea of what You need to do to achieve this. If you have no idea what you want to do rule out the areas that you don't want to work in, this helps narrow down your options. Websites such as UCAS have advice and also quizzes that put your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes together to suggest careers that might suit you and how you can get there.

2.A levels,diploma or an apprenticeship?
To decide this you should think about why your predicted GCSE grades are, typically A levels require predominantly A's and B's and the odd C, however diplomas and apprenticeships usually accept 5 A-C grades. 

3. Where to go? 
To help decide this go to different college or 6th form open days, ask plenty of questions about what different courses there are to take, what they consist of and what their requirements are, this helped me make my final decision I went to the Lincoln college open day with an open mind, I asked about the different courses and options, took away several hand outs and decided that I want to take the health and social course as if opens lots of options for me.  There is a taster day there on the 21st of November which allows you to have a taster of a lesson of your choice, register here

Sorry for the boring post today but i thought i would share how i made my final decision!

Lauryn x


  1. Lots of my friends sadly left my college i the summer to go to a different college as they offered a health and social course. Apparently it's really good and quite sciencey - definitely not my forte haha! Have you started your college course yet or is that next year? x

    1. Aw that sounds good, I start mine next year, but I've actually changed my mind last minute, I now really want to go into journalism and so i'm doing A levels next year now:)x What do you want to do?