Wednesday, 21 October 2015

SkinCeuticals blemish and age cleansing gell

When I first started to get a few spots at the age of 11ish mum use to let me use her face wash warning me to 'only use a little bit because it's really good', now I use it daily. Although it says for aging skin I find this works for younger skin just as well!

This face wash is my holy grail I would struggle without it now, it is a great versatile product as it can be used for makeup removal, to get rid of spots and for helping to prevent wrinkles! 

Although this face cleanser is more high end at £22-£26 depending on where you buy it, it is 100% worth the price and keeps my skin feeling healthy and reduces blemishes on my face, I have also found this works on your back and other areas where you may get spots.

This amazing product lasts me about 5-7 months on average as you only need a 2p sized blob to cleanse your whole face.

SkinCeuticals also have lots of other amazing products that are also worth trying. I thought I would share this reliable product that is used in my daily skin care routine.

That's all for now, Lauryn x

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