Monday, 19 October 2015

Some of my autumn/winter favourites this week

Tonight i decided to pick out a few of my autumn/winter fashion favourites to share with you, The colder months have to be my favourite for fashion as the shops consist of beautiful Aztec patterns, the warm orange/red tones and not forgetting the comfy winter boots, i have not hesitated to update and add to my wardrobe over the last few weeks however i will shortly do a try on favourites with more of my winter wardrobe additions!

Firstly a couple of weeks ago i purchased these lovely wool lined ankle boots, they instantly caught my eye as they are so wintery and i love the unique shade of brown that they are. They were £42 which i thought was fairly reasonable considering they are from Topshop and an amazing quality. They are so comfortable and i would definitely recommend them! I pair them with anything from high wasted jeans to skater skirts, they complete every winter outfit.

My next favourite has to be this turtle neck top in my favourite seasonal colour-Rust, this orange toned top goes perfectly with my cord A-line skirt and also compliments my favourite ripped jeans. This colour has dominated all the high street shops and really is hard to avoid. It brightens up any plain outfit and really does make a statement whilst being minimalistic. I got this from at a bargain price of £10!

This next favourite is significantly different as I didn't purchase it from a shop and it is unique, when my grandma passed away I had a look through her wardrobe and I was delighted when I found this beautiful, intricately detailed Aztec cardigan, it is perfect for making an outfit more prominent and also for layering! It is made out of wool so I have to wear it over other layers as it can be slightly irritable but I really love this original item. You can find cardigans like this in high street stores!

The clasps on this really are beautiful.

And finally, although this isn't a new addition to my wardrobe I have been loving this brown, faux leather satchel bag this season, I have found that it accessories plenty of my autumnal looks and it is a perfect everyday size as well.

Despite the fact that I have loads of other favorites to share with you I have decided to put that into an additional blog, so that's all for today.

Lauryn x


  1. I like the boots. They are perfect for autumn.

    1. So sorry I didn't see this comment! Thank you- They sure are, I have been loving them these last few months x