Sunday, 26 February 2017

Outfit of the day- Mom Jeans & Pink Stripes!

So I love the outfit that I'm wearing today and so I decided to share it with you! This is something that I might start doing on a regular basis as I personally love looking at what other people are wearing!

For today's outfit I paired my beloved pair of Toyshop mom jeans with my new pink and white striped tee from Laura Ashley (I picked a few bits up in the sale that I will soon be sharing with you!)

I love this outfit as it's so easy to throw on and so comfortable! I also think it's got a casual but cute feel to it which is perfect for a chilled weekend when you still want to look good.

I thought these baby pink patent loafers went perfectly with this outfit as they kept it casual whilst adding another girly touch of pink! You can find these In Primark for £10, what a bargain!

I have had these Mom jeans for a while now and I have noticed that I always seem to bring them out throughout Spring & Summer, I find them more stylish than skinny jeans and also a lot more comfy, especially as it gets hotter (you don't want tight trousers sticking to you!)

This little brown, pleated belt tied the outfit together perfectly and kept my jeans up too! I can't remember where I picked this up but you could find something like this in Primark.

When I put this outfit on I instantly felt like it was Spring- when it comes to Spring and Summer I love to bring loads of pastel colours into my wardrobe and I have definitely been loving all the pastel colours recently, this pastel/baby pink has to be my favourite over all!

I hope you liked seeing my outfit of the day for a chilled/casual, yet cute look! I will be sharing more of these on here so keep your eyes open for these posts.

I will also be sharing the other tops that I bought from Laura Ashley soon as I have been LOVING there clothes recently, I think they're so cute and girly and I want to share them with you guys!

I will see you soon with another blog post!


  1. This is such a gorgeous outfit, everything goes together perfectly! x

    1. Thank you so much Hannah I'm glad you like it, I think it's the perfect casual Summer outfit and I love that soft, pastel Pink!x

  2. You look so beautiful, I'm in love with them shoes .

    Lippie x