Thursday, 2 March 2017

My little Dream Catcher...

The other day when I was day dreaming, staring into a specific space of my room, my daze was broken with the sight of my little, old, pink dream catcher hanging on my curtain rail.

It’s one of those things that seems to have always been in my room- wherever I’ve lived it has been there. This caused me to start reminiscing over when I received this little dream catcher, where I got it from, who gave it to me and what did it mean to me? 

I was given this dream catcher as a gift one summer, I clearly remember opening a little brown paper bag revealing this beautiful decoration. I was about 6 when my Grandma gave this gift to me, she had bought it in a Spanish Market near to where she lived in Spain. 
I vividly remember hanging it in my room and telling everyone that entered  ‘It’s magic, it stops you having bad dreams and instead you have good ones.’ It was fascinating to little 6 year old me.

As I got older It seems to have followed me around, when I’ve moved so has the dream catcher-overtime I have forgotten ‘the magic/spiritual’ side to it, it became ‘just a decoration’ this is due to the loss of my wild, young imagination. Age makes you become a realist; magic and dreams merely become stories.

When my daydream was broken by this dream catcher I remembered what this really meant to me: When I was 6 it meant magic, protection and good dreams- I honestly believed that it got rid of all my bad dreams and negativity, obviously this is all psychological but at the time I didn’t know this!

Now at the age of almost 17 (just a couple of months off) It hangs in my room as a reminder- a reminder of several significant things.

A reminder of my Grandma- Now my Grandma is no longer with us, this dream catcher (that has and will always be with me) is a constant reminder that my Grandma will always with me at heart and also a reminder that she always wanted to support me and my dreams.

A reminder of my dreams and positivity- When I see this dream catcher it reminds me that I have control of making my dreams happen (to a certain extent) and bringing as much positivity into my life as possible, kind of like the dream catcher.

Finally, it is a reminder that I should believe in myself but also in the things that mean a lot to me- it reminds me of this because of how I use to have such faith in this little dream catcher and to be honest a little part of me still does.

When I remember the story of this little dream catcher, all my dreams are good ones and a smile is brought to my face!

Thank you Grandma for this beautiful gift that will always stay close to my bed side.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my little dream catcher and the story behind it! I will be back soon with another post.


  1. This is sweet, I have had a few dream catchers when I was younger and have now bought my two little ones dream catchers and was reminded of the magic of them! they are so beautiful looking and now remind me of my older sister who used to make them when we was growing up 😊

  2. Thank you!:) I'm glad you like it, I love how you have passed on the magic to your two little ones! It's lovely how things provide us with memories from the past too��x Thanks for commenting!

  3. This is such a sweet post and memory, the dream catcher is so beautiful as well. This really touched me, great job and can't wait to read more in the future xx

  4. Hello Caitlyn, thank you for your comment!:) I'm glad you liked it, when I redescovered how much it meant to me I had to feature it in a post and it is really pretty too! That means a lot thanks x x