Sunday, 19 February 2017

Let me explain...

Hello everyone I hope you’re all doing well…

So lets face it, for a while now I’ve been doing less and less on my blog and I’ve noticed that I’ve started falling out of love with it- I don’t have the same enthusiasm for it anymore and I’m just not as happy with the content as I would like to be!

I barely have an excuse for not posting on my blog, but all I can say is I have been juggling lots of different things at once at the moment and sometimes I struggle to manage my time and have a good balance. instead I become overwhelmed and then I end up avoiding the things that I was meant to do.

So what am I going to do about this?

I’m going to start posting on my blog every week or even more if I can as I feel like this will help me to get back into a routine with my blogging.

I’m also going to start planing my posts and putting more time and effort into them, I will only post them if I am completely happy with them. 

I want to post more of my own photography and pictures, I use to do this all the time however I have found myself doing it less and less recently, I feel like posting my own photography in my posts makes it more personal and readable.

Finally I want to concentrate on growing my readers by interacting with more bloggers on social media- I am already in a few blogger groups and I want to start being more active in them!

I hope you guys are still around and ready for lots of new posts as I sure am! 

Writing blog posts use to be an escape and a way of expressing myself but unfortunately over time it became a chore..I thought I would explain this to you guys and just let you know that I am honestly going to change this.

Today I have just had a chilled day tidying my room, relaxing in the bath and chilling with chad, including going on a nice walk (we love walks) 

Here's a few photo's of my tidy room! As tidy as it gets with all my stuff in it!

That's all for now and I will 100% be back with another post soon!

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