Monday, 7 November 2016

My Favourite October Lunch Date!

So last week I met up with my friend Sian who I hadn't seen for months so we were seriously overdue a catch up and a lunch date!

Sian suggested the 'Rising cafe' I said it sounded good, I had never been there before however I had walked past and it looked pretty nice and welcoming, so that's where we went.

As soon as we walked in we were surprised at how cool it was, it it so authentic and it has a vintage, patriotic feel to it, we instantly loved it. We were both guilty of taking a million and one photo's of it (especially me) one for snapchat, one for Instagram, and a load for my blog...

Not only was the decor amazing, as soon as we saw the food that was being brought our way our eyes lit up! We both ordered a salad and honestly it was the best salad I've ever had- mine had chicken, bacon, avocado and a garlic sauce as well as the typical salad bits; DELICIOUS! 

This cafe has such a great menu and I felt like they really cater for everyone including vegetarians, coeliacs and everything else in between.

After we had a cheeky bit of cake, I was secretly praying that the giant, gooey chocolate cake was the gluten free one, that was of course to good to be true however I had a yummy gluten free coffee cup cake whilst Sian ate the chocolate cake that I wanted haha!

I also loved the fact they served their drinks in mason jars with straws, my favourite way to drink! I was so pleasantly surprised with this cafe and it really is a hidden little gem that I would really recommend for a lunch date!

I'll leave the rest for you to find out if you ever visit- and I really do recommend a visit. It's located within the 'Alive Church' on Newland street in Lincoln and I'll link the website HERE for you.

I hope you enjoyed having a look at my most loved cafe for this month and I'll see you soon with another post!


  1. Mmm, that cakes looks super yummy! Lovely post, Lauryn! x

    1. It was so yummy I really enjoyed it! Thank you lovely xx