Monday, 31 October 2016

It's all so exciting!

Hello, so as I always say I sometimes find it hard to find the time to just sit and write down my feelings, what I've been up to and what I've been loving- but here I am, on Halloween, on my own writing my blog haha, anyway...

I have SO much to look forward to this month and then of course it will be CHRISTMAS, I said it and I'm not sorry one bit, I'm getting to the point where I am allowing myself to become excited for it as lets face it the run up to Christmas is always more exciting than the actual day, In my opinion anyway. 

I am hoping this working week will fly by as this weekend I am going to Blackpool with my dad, his girlfriend Shona, Morgan and Liam. We're going to see the Blackpool Illuminations and Fire works and I'm so excited if you can't already tell, I am going to be vlogging it all for you on my youtube channel LifeofaBlonde and taking lots of pictures which I can then use to spam my Instagram with, sorry. I have had a look at the website for it and it looks so vibrant and like it has such an amazing atmosphere, I just can't wait- of course I'm a little gutted that I'm missing the Lincolnshire show grounds fire work show as it's one I like to go to every year, but I'm all up for new things and the Illuminations look great!

Then on the 18th of November me and Rhiannon are going to see Jack Garratt at the Engine shed which I am SO exited for, here is where I admit that this will be my first ever concert, I will try and vlog this too as I think it will be such a good night!

Then of course it will be getting to the time where Christmas be sneaking up on us, which means it will be time for our annual tradition of going to Nottingham's Christmas fair which throughout December- is home to such an amazing ice rink, which me and Chad love to go round together (cute I know) finished with some late night Christmas shopping and a hot chocolate! This leads me on to the final bit of exciting news I have to share with you...

As this year I have my own youtube channel (go check it out!) I will be joining in with something that many other youtubers love to do throughout December- VLOGMAS! I am so excited to do this and I will be doing and vlogging many Christmassy things for you, and don't worry I'll sneak a few blog posts in there too, for those of you who like a good read. 

Of course the most exciting thing is that Shortly before Christmas Chad will have turned 17 and that means.. driving lessons! I am so excited for this because me and chad always want to go and do cool things together but we never can as getting lifts always seems to be an issue, so we can finally go on little adventures and have a bit more freedom- yay! 

So with all those things in mind that I have to look forward too I will stop expressing my excitement in this blogpost and... oh my god an advert for 'I'm a Celebrity just came on' EXCITED isn't even the word, anyway, before I use the 'e' word once more I will end this post!


  1. Oh my gosh, I am so excited about Christmas already!! I love the whole Christmas fair thing, and I think it's adorable that you get to look around it with your boyfriend!!
    I'm really excited to see all of your Christmassy vlogs, and I hope you have fun this weekend at the fireworks, it sounds so awesome!! :) x

    1. Me too!!! I absolutely love it, especially Lincoln's Christmas market- if you've never been you should visit one year it's amazing. I'm really looking forward to filming them and being all Christmassy! Thank you very much lovely :)xx

  2. Have fun in Blackpool! I have heard great things about the illuminations xx

    1. Thank you so much lovely , Oh that's good I have no idea what to expect even though the pictures look insane xxx