Friday, 21 October 2016

I confess... my shopping addiction

I love shopping, I just find it so exciting looking for things to buy: clothes, makeup, room decor, technology, food, anything!? This wasn't too bad when I had my Saturday job as I didn't spend all my money at once, I mean I was only getting a small amount which meant I really had to save for the things I wanted.. and I shopped occasionally...

Now it's a different story, as I work right near the centre of town it is so easy for me to get to the main high street where all the shops are and this means one thing: More shopping- lots more! I find myself more times than not nipping into town on my lunch break to buy 'just a few bits' or ordering things on the internet when I'm feeling down..

 I think this is pretty normal for a girl of my age, and some guys who like shopping just as much, however the main part of this blog post is to highlight the fact that materialistic things control us so much more than we think, It becomes a competition or a craving to buy more and more and the truth is it will never be enough to eliminate these feelings of needing materialistic belongings- the newest iPhone, the latest fashion trends, that makeup recommended by your favourite celebrity and the list goes on. It is a vicious cycle...

Many of us are guilty of this and I am NOT saying that we shouldn't treat ourselves,or spend the money that we earn on the things we want because that's what it's all about... but I just feel like we don't fully appreciate how lucky we are to have all these things and more importantly I have recently had to remind myself that getting more and more things won't make you truly happy, in reality it makes you want more and more and you can become obsessive over what you have, what you don't have and what other people have and it can make you turn to greed and sourness.

The things that are most important to me is family (I put Chad under this lable) friends and doing the things I love such as photography, horse riding, and going to the gym! Unfortunately I haven't been doing photography or riding my lovely horse.. but I have also learnt that you can't do everything and that is okay! Anyway I am digressing, my thoughts are overloading! What I am basically trying to say is I am making a conscious effort to focus on making memories with people and experiencing different things rather than focusing on the next thing I can buy when I get paid and spending my spare time looking for things to buy!

I will still shop, of course I will but, from now on I will think about what I am paying for and think about whether I need it and actually want it or if it's just something that gives me a short burst of excitement and then nothing.

I have so much more to say than this but I won't ramble on for any longer than I already have!

I hope you enjoyed a little insight to some of my more personal thoughts and I'll be back soon with another post!


  1. I agree with you that we can get obssessed with shopping. I am starting to realise more and more that I would rather spend my money on days out and adventures where I make memories than material things xx

  2. I completely agree, memories and adventures are much more valuable and you have them forever unlike materialistic things❤️❤️