Saturday, 16 July 2016

A welcoming into the working world! (my apprenticeship)

So you may recall me mentioning the fact that I was soon to be starting my new apprenticeship with the city of Lincoln council, I started on Wednesday the 13th of July (a few days ago) and despite all the changes I am facing I have been thoroughly enjoying it so far, and I am so happy that I went with my gut feeling to go forward with the apprenticeship!

My first day was blur, a stressful, surreal blur.. It wasn't really I just thought I wold insert a mean girls quote...

My first day... I was so nervous as I had to wait in reception to be collected and then taken to my office and for me waiting just makes it 10 times worse, it's just a way of building up the suspension and adrenaline! I am so lucky as I've been placed in an office with only a few other people (who are so lovely and welcoming) I have already done all-sorts of tasks and so far I have NO REGRETS about my decision to leave school! The work I've been doing is so interesting and also rewarding!

It is weird, not being treated like a student anymore, instead a colleague, a member of staff! I feel as if I am already learning and gaining much more relevant information and skills that I will/have learnt in school, this is just my opinion and I am aware that everyone learns in different ways, but if you are doubting whether to do an apprenticeship (as long as it's something you are very interested in) then I would say go for it!

The other new aspects of starting work are the early mornings and getting buses all the time. For someone who is use to waking up at 7/7:30 on a week day these 6:20 starts have taken a bit of getting use to, as well as getting buses all the time! Although it sounds as if I'm complaining, I am glad that I am starting to become even more independent and gaining experience of what the working world is like.

A part of me will miss the school environment and all the holidays you get there, but as I have now repeated several times I am so happy with my first proper job/apprenticeship, I have already found out so many interesting facts and talked to lots of interesting people as well as being warmly welcomed and settling in nicely.

One more thing is that as you may know I have struggled with anxiety over the last few years and even though I still sometimes find myself in a state over silly things, I have gone into my new job with confidence, pride and an open mind and I feel like in a way I have left a lot of anxiety, doubt and shyness at school! A new start is always a great opportunity to become more confident and discover yourself!

Sorry for the long rambley post but I thought I would give you an update on what I've been doing!

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