Friday, 22 July 2016

Sweet for Summer!

Hey! I am in a super good mood which seems like such a rarity at the moment (unless I'm with Chad) cute I know haha, Anyway I thought I would share with you a new favourite Summer drink of mine, It's so easy there aren't really any instructions for it as such however it is YUMMY so I have a few pictures and just a general chat really.

The main ingredient in this smoothie/drink is watermeloneee which I hadn't had in so long before I requested that mum picked one up in Tesco's and only now have I realised it is such a perfect ingredient for a refreshing summer smoothie.

This is a quarter of a watermelon, I have worked out that a quarter makes the perfect amount for one person so I used a quarter..

I also added blueberries, raspberries and some natural Greek yoghurt for a thicker consistency and more flavours, you can add whatever you feel like but this is definitely my favourite combination!
For me there's not much better than fresh summer fruit!

I used my Nutribullet to combine everything and make the actual smoothie but any blender type thing is okay!
I couldn't resist but take this photograph, I'm sorry.. the smoothie was actually a pretty pink for once rather than green or brown (avoid the spinach if you want pretty colours)

Tan credits to Bondi Sands Gradual Tanning Milk! I loved my outfit for work today so I made my brother suffer and take pictures of his annoying sister..

How cute are these flats? Despite giving me blisters I love these shoes, they literally go with every dress I own as well.

Ready for a scary close up.. Me and my smoothie, oh dear, thought I'd share it anyway!
This smoothie is so refreshing and sweet whilst remaining flavoursome and very healthy! What's not to like? I even got my brother drinking this drink and he would normally run if I offer him one of my smoothies (The spinach idea puts him off)
Morgan made me do this, but PLEASE can we just appreciate this curly fry, I couldn't eat them because of my allergy but it's for sure the best one I've seen..haha

I hope everyone has a really nice Summer and I will be posting regular blogs for you, maybe even some videos when I go to Holland and Majorca, but we'll see!


  1. That smoothie sounds and looks amazing. Definitely gonna give making one myself a try. x


    1. It is so so nice you should try it! Let me know how you find it xx

  2. I love drinking smoothies in summer! They are so delicious and healthy xx

  3. Me too! I think I have a smoothie obsession haha xxx

  4. I am a smoothie addict! They taste amazing and are super refreshing in summer! Lovely post, you're beautiful and I love your outfit!

    Frances x