Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Heather Fields and Fresh Fruit!

Last weekend me, Mum and Morgan ventured down to Market Drayton to visit my Granddads house, unfortunately we only get to see him a few times a year due to the fact that he is so far away and has a very busy schedule (alongside his wife) Whenever we go we have a nice time, normally involving some time outdoors and a chance for me to do some photography, not forgetting some amazing food! (I've been learning)

The first day we firstly went out in the little old car for a ride, it's become our little tradition, we always nearly get wiped out about 3 times as well; this car doesn't exceed 35/40 mph, which can be very scary when pulling out of a busy junction...

Me and Morgan then went outside to do some fruit picking. Living amongst the madness of everyday life full of gadgets and social media, being asked to do something so simple but satisfying was a simple pleasure. Living up to the fact that we are competitive, we held our own 'competition' of who could find the biggest strawberry, of course Granddad had to find the biggest haha.

It was so nice to get outside and do something that I don't normally do, the strawberries were so tasty as well!

We also picked some Raspberries, I have to admit more may have been going in my mouth than the bowl, I really just love Raspberries!

I personally think there's something so therapeutic about being around nature, that sounds so cliche but I honestly think that sometimes some old fashioned fresh air can make you feel 100 times better than being stuck inside.

The next day we went on a walk through heather fields and wild flowers, I really enjoyed being outside, unfortunately the weather let us down and we got soaked but it was worth it!

I had such a nice time and I really did appreciate being outside and doing photography whilst being surrounded by natural beauty!

That's all for today's post, I will be letting you know how I am getting on at my new job soon!


  1. I love picking fruit myself, it always tastes so much nicer xx

  2. Me too! I hadn't done it in so long so I really enjoyed it and it all tasted so good!xx