Thursday, 2 June 2016

A catch up and!

There's several reasons why I haven't done a blog post in so long, firstly I'm trying to revise, I've also been working more and lastly I have felt restricted by myself, restricted to relax and surround myself with normality's. I feel so overwhelmed. I have recently found myself staring into a space of confusion and obliviousness; completely unaware of what's going on around me, and then I'm back. I feel that the problem is how stressed and pressured I have been feeling towards exams and I know that I shouldn't have stopped normal leisurely things that keep me motivated and extra happy, such as being around my horses, doing work outs, blogging!  I am still happy but I am definitely not my normal self even if I have been covering it all up with a smile and a dash of artificial confidence.

There really isn't much purpose of this post, in fact this is more for me, but what I'm trying to say is it is essential to keep a balance between work, pressure and order and fun, leisure and relaxation. Evidently I have been amid the stress and pressures that I have put onto myself and failed to keep a balance resulting in me being in a constant blur of stress and exhaustion, feeling RUBBISH.

Despite the fact that you may feel the need to do endless hours of revision and work, you can give yourself some time to relax, go outside, do the things that you like doing and most importantly be kind to yourself because at the end of all this your health and well being are more important than your grades (even if you won't admit it)

Something that cheered me up yesterday was the email I received from, I am officially a representative for their lovely brand! I will be doing lots of reviews on their products over the next few months! You can get 20% off any purchase at when you use the code 'lauryn20'

Here are a few of the gorgeous goodies you can find on their website

That's all for today and I'll be back soon with a more cheerful post! I hope you're enjoying your half term break!


  1. The phone cases on that site are SO pretty

  2. They're gorgeous aren't they? You could get 20% off one using the code!❤️

  3. Those phone cases are fab! I'll definitely be checking out that site! Beautiful blog by the way :)