Thursday, 28 January 2016

Over coming Anxiety and becoming happier!

Last year wasn't a great year for me, not because anything drastic had happened or anything physically challenging but because of Anxiety. Many people told me "It's just in your head, ignore it" they were completely right in saying "it was just in my head" however ignoring it does nothing, ignoring it makes it ten times worse.

 The first step to dealing with any mental health issue is going to see a specialist and that is exactly what i did, sometimes speaking to someone about what's on your mind and your problems really does make a difference, i really recommend relate in Lincoln as they're really understanding and also there's free coffee haha! One of the techniques my counsellor told me to do is write at least 5 positives down every day, at first i thought this was a stupid idea... how was this meant to change how i felt? After giving it a try i changed my mind, writing down the positives meant that when i felt anxious and down i could read all the good things that were happening in my life and cancel out some of the negative feelings.

The next thing that helped me get through each day was doing the thing I love, riding my horses, although I always seemed to be worrying about everything I found that when I took one of my horses for a ride with my mum, or on my own I felt like I could relax and forget about all the thoughts and stresses I had going round my head. Try to find something that allows you to escape the madness of everyday life and really de-stress, go for a run? Watch a film? Read a book?

The main thing that has helped me grow to be the more confident, happier person I am now is my mum, my dad and also my amazing boyfriend, who had helped me adopt the more carefree, chilled attitude that he has! As well as being there for me all the time,giving me a hug when I need one or just being there to listen and reassure me, so thank you❤️ Having someone who understands and is there for you is definitely one of the best things for when you're feeling down or generally stressed! 

Try and stay as positive as possible and have faith that you will become happier, because you will. All bad, low times come to an end and better aspects of life will come even if you don't see it now!

More of a chatty, serious post tonight. I'm sorry for the lack of posts this week, I have been revising and very busy with my horses. That's all for tonight...

Lauryn x

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