Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My visit to Kos

It For the past week me, my mum, my mums boyfriend and my brother have spent our time exploring the island of Kos in Greece, despite the current issues in Greece regarding money and hundreds of refugees coming over we were inspired by the beauty of the island and the lovely welcoming locals! We ventured round the island; which was so small you could easily drive from one end to the other, discovering small, exquisite beaches and beautiful views.

We also had a look at some Greek ruins, built back in the 2nd century which were
 amazingly built featuring very intricate details and mosaics.

Despite having our own horses at home me and mum couldn't resist going on a sunset horse ride along the beach and the salt lake, it was insainly beautiful and the sunset was by far the best one I have ever seen! Regretfully I didn't get a photo of the sunset but both me and mum thoroughly enjoyed the ride and we would definitely do it again!

 As a family we also did lots of other activities together such as going to a water park, hiring a buggy and all having a drive around the island and also going swimming in the sea at 12:00 at night watching fireworks, but over all my favorite thing to do was just chilling on our favorite little Beach and messing around in the sea as a family! 

It was by far the best holiday I've been in on and anyone thinking of going to Kos I would definitely recommend going!

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