Tuesday, 18 August 2015

5 tips for becoming healthier

Last year I made a new year resolution to become more healthy, mentally and physically and on the whole with a few minor exceptions I feel like I have achieved this! So I thought I would put together 5 tips to become more healthy.

1. before you grab your morning coffee have a mug of green tea, as it is a great antioxidant (meaning that it prevents cell damage)
It also improves brain function, encourages fat loss, lowers your risk of cancer and also kills bacteria, which improves your dental health and decreases your risk of infectio as well as lots of other amazing benefits!

2. Stay active! I know it's easier said than done and staying in bed watching Netflix can seem more tempting than working out or doing something active, however just 20 minutes of excercise a day has its mental and physical health benefits,firstly it is clinically proved that even low intensity exercise Can boost your overall health and also reduce your chance of getting cancer, diabetes and other chronic diseases. Also as well as becoming physically strong you will feel mentally stronger and happier, as working out boosts your endorphins making you feel happier it also prevents you from sitting around Becoming discouraged and feeling rubbish. So whether it's riding your bike instead of going in the car or doing a cardio workout, keeping active is key to feeling healthy and happy!

Personally fitness blenders workout routines on YouTube help me to keep fit

3. Destressing- stress is something that prevents us from feeling happy and healthy and therefore we need to deal with it in order to relax and clear our minds, a great way to distress is putting on some calming music and just concentrating on your breathing this allows you to forget about your worries and completely relax, even if it is for 10 minutes.

4.eat as clean as possible- no one is innocent when it comes to eating, everyone is going to have days where you just don't stop eating and you order a dominos or stop at macdonalds, however if you eat consciously then you will find yourself thinking more about what you're putting into your body, An easy way to get a lot of your 5 a day all at once is by making a smoothie, you can put whatever you want in them and it makes eating healthy fun, one of my favorites is orange, strawberry, banana, and natural yoghurt! I sometimes add crushed nuts as well as they are a great source of protein!

5. And finally the most important one- sleep,although it proves to be the hardest out of all of them, try and get about 8 hours as sleep pays a very important role in our physical and mental health, sleep is when our body repairs it self and on going sleep deficiency is linked to a increased risk of getting heart disease, kidney disease and also strokes, who wants bags under their eyes anyway?

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