Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Exams are over!

Finally, exams are over! I have been waiting for what seems like so long for my exams to finish and today marked the last of my exams. YAY. I am yet again sorry for the inconsistent blog posts, part of that has been due to me having writers block and also the fact that I have been so wrapped up in exams; at least that won't be a problem anymore!

There is no point behind this post, it is merely me having a chat and briefly updating you! I still haven't processed that I have finished school forever and that section of my life is over, how weird? I will officially be entering the working world NEXT MONTH, my summer ends early, however I have to admit I am really excited to start my apprenticeship as I think it will be a great learning opportunity for me. I will definitely keep you updated on how my first day goes and what it's like leaving school!

Despite the fact my summer ends very early, I am not too bothered as I am lucky enough to be going on two holidays this year! One of which is to Spain (I think) and the other France, I am so excited as I love seeing different places and I will definitely be taking lots of photo's to share with you, photo diaries are definitely my favourite blog posts to do, and it means I can go holiday shopping!

There are several things I want to restart/start now I am free from school and exams, the first one is start the gym, prior to exams I had a workout routine which I did several times a week however I want to start the gym instead of doing it in my own room as I feel it will help me stay motivated and make it more appealing! The next thing is I want to start doing more with Sally (my horse) as I have had to leave her to my mum during the exam period:( I have started riding her again and I am so happy to be back in the saddle. Lastly I want to start showing more attention to my blog again, I have been posting very hit and miss recently and I want to make it a regular thing again!

One last thing, I am SO excited for prom, regardless of how many times I've been told it's overrated I am still excited, simply to wear my dress, as I am in love with it, get my hair and makeup done and see Chad and some friends. I will be posting some photos on here after prom to show you my dress!

I am sorry for this random post but I hadn't posted in so long, so it had to be done! If you have just finished exams then enjoy your summer and if not then I hope you're having a good week!


  1. Yay that exams are over! Can't wait to see your prom pictures xx

  2. I know big YAY I will get some good ones for you!❤️