Sunday, 15 May 2016

St Barnabas Colour Dash 2016!

Yesterday me and my mum took part in an experience that was brand new to both of us.

As we walked away from the car the alive,uplifting atmosphere,and smiles belonging to thousands of people was already present. Different colours covered the showground: tutu's, wigs, leg warmers, and sunglasses all in their individual colours. We were ready.

We equipped ourselves with rainbow tutu's and pink sunglasses before approaching a crowd formed by thousands of excited individuals of all ages; the warm- up. It was like partaking in a very large scale aerobics class and everyone's adrenaline levels were rising. They did such an impressive job of getting everyone to wake up and more importantly warm up.

The run was extremely well organised and had a highly encouraging team of people to spur everyone one! The different coloured powder paint that was thrown over us every 1k made it so much easier to get through it and despite getting some in my mouth I thoroughly enjoyed being so colourful and vibrant!

Me and  mum ran the whole 5k without stopping and finished with a sprint finish in 35 minutes; considering we didn't train at all I was pleased with this result! After finishing the race we all received a bag with jelly beans, a medal, some water and a bag of powder paint which I thought was a nice way to finish the race.
Mine and mums celebratory high five!

I loved going home head to toe in so many different colours.

We will definitely be partaking in this run next year as it's for such a good cause and it was so much fun!

You can still donate below on my just giving page! Thank you.

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