Sunday, 28 February 2016

Wandering Tupholme Abbey!

Recently my dad has moved house to Wragby and along with many others, this has the advantage of being closer to various places; one of them being the intriguing ruin of Tupholme Abbey, this has lots of historic background and is interesting to look at- not only this but it has beautiful, tranquil surroundings and is a lovely place to go to for a peaceful walk and also great for photography!

This ruin is the remains of what once was a house of Premonstratensian (I don't really understand this concept haha) and it was founded before 1190, so it is extremely old! I love the arch ways built into this structure!
I couldn't resist but to have a little pose in one of the arches, I admit I am a bit of a poser haha...

I love this outfit by the way I'll link it down below for you!

I just had to do this, I probably wasn't meant to but it was so much fun!(the inner child of me came out) I might have done this several times... To be honest it was the easiest way down.

I love bridges; don't ask me why- I find them so cute and interesting!

Little roxie loved her walk around the Abbey and was looking extra cute so I couldn't resist but include her in my blog post! She really didn't want to stay still though.

Once me and dad had crossed the bridge we saw something in the distance and as we approached it we realised it was a giant structure of a man, made out of sticks- it's quite impressive and I think it's great!
My dad wanted a picture so here it is haha, this was before we realised this was the back of the man! (I think dad had the sun in his eyes.)

This picture really does emphasise my smallness! Oh and another pose...I did have fun though, I wonder who made this- it's so cool.

Can you tell I'm slightly obsessed with b&w photographs, I love the dramatic element it adds to pictures.

It kind of amazes me how something can keep it's structure for so long- either I'm easily impressed or it is quite amazing...

Me, dad and the dog had a really nice walk; the weather was beautiful and we had the whole place to ourselves- it was nice to have some time with just us, I really enjoyed it and for anyone wanting to go on a nice scenic walk or to do some photography I would definitely recommend it and it's free!

It was really stunning, the bright sky was gleaming through the gaps, the weather really was on my side today(for once)

                           Thanks dad for being my personal photographer haha, you probably have better things to do...

More arches that I photographed.

That's all for today, I hope you've enjoyed your weekend as much as I have mine! Keep smiling:)

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