Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Pamper day!

Yesterday morning  i had a really nice pamper morning, i ran a nice bath got some of my favourite products together, lit some candles and relaxed! I thought i would share what's included in my pamper routine!

Firstly I ran a bath, whilst the bath was running i lined the side of the bath with my current favourite candles- Christmas Cookie, i think these smell amazing, they have a sweet scent that resemble iced cookies, i would definitely recommend these if you prefer the sweeter scents.

Then i added one of  my favourite Soap and Glory products to my bath- Clean on me- although this is a shower cream i find this makes bubbles and leaves my skin so soft and smelling amazing so i never hesitate to add it to my bath!

 The shampoo and conditioner i have been using recently are by Natio, i had never heard of this brand before i tried these products, i love them and highly recommend them, they leave my hair so soft and shiny! They are sulphate free which is great if you have a sensitive scalp or thin hair like me, it also improves and retains the hairs natural oils keeping your hair in much better condition! Try and avoid sulphates in shampoos if you can! I picked these up in the beauty section in Tesco's but you can find them online.

I then used my Magic of Christmas wand from lush, these are seasonal so I'm not sure if they're still on sale as they're not on the website, however if they are i suggest you grab one! It created lots of cinnamon scented bubbles and turned my bath a shimmering gold, leaving me smelling amazing! Another thing is it's reusable which is great.

Finally once i was out the bath and dry i used my new Ted Baker body lotion, i love the Ted Baker scent so i automatically loved this, i also found that it left my skin really soft and it was a nice consistency! I love the packaging too.

That's all for today- I hope you are all spending the rest of the holidays relaxing and having fun!

Lauryn x


  1. Hey! I just thought that I'd let you know that I really love reading your blog!
    Ellie x

  2. Hello, thank you that means a lot to me! I will definitely have a read of yours:)x - Lauryn x

  3. Pampering is just great. I have midterms coming up and its always a great reminder to de- stress somehow. Thank you for that.

    Kate @

    1. I agree with you there, it's definitely important to pamper yourself for hard work! No problem, I will definitely have a read of your blog- Lauryn x