Thursday, 1 October 2015

Free prints- favourite app review!

A month or two ago i found myself scrolling through the app store, seeking for a new exciting app. I wasn't too impressed or in a rush to download anything.. until i came across 'free prints' the word free had me hooked instantly and i had to read more. I don't regret downloading the app and i definitely recommend downloading it!

Free prints is an easy way of ordering free, good quality, developed photographs off your phone or iPad, all you have to do is select which photo's you want and type in a few simple details. The good thing about the app is that you get up to 40 free 9x4 pictures every month and after getting the first delivery for free it is only an additional £1.79 every order, which in my eyes for 40 quality pictures is amazing!

Once i had received the photos i was a bit unsure of where to put them, i knew i wanted to have them in my room, and on display. So the most obvious place seemed to be my wall, i started sticking photos on there every time i ordered some and it looks better every time, along with my fairy lights along my bed, it is a great way of making your room more personal to you and also more homely. There is nothing better than being reminded of memories, inspirational quotes, loved ones, photography, and friends every time you look at your bedroom wall.

If you want a cheap easy way of adding a statement piece to your room definitely consider making a photo wall, and then best thing is you can just keep adding to it, i have really enjoyed discovering this app and it is definitely my favourite for this month, give it a go!

                                                        Lauryn x

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