Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Summer Photography

My most recent photography project is colour, I was limited where I could go this weekend so I thought why not become adventurous with glitter! I went into the garden searching for some inspiration and suddenly the idea of  merging glitter and flowers together formed.

 I started simply with a silver glitter on a single daisy. This is my favourite picture that I took as I think it's so summery and delicate and I also love the contrast between the daisy and the grass.

A single daisy with silver glitter.

I then experimented with different colours of glitter on multiple daisy's, I love the way this photograph brings focus to the two daisy's with glitter on and i especially like the macro effect.

two daisy's with pink and blue glitter

I also found different types of flowers as the glitter gives  a different effect to each flower. I love the way the silver glitter is dispersed throughout the dandelion as it looks more natural.

                                                                A Dandelion with silver glitter                                                                 
Finally i played around with putting  all the glitters onto one flower, i did this by putting one colour on each petal of the flower. I was delighted with the way this photograph turned out and i particularly like how the other flowers surround it.

                                                         3 tips for photography  

1. Think outside the box, try and come up with your own ideas and don't be afraid to try something new or something that may seem a little bit weird. This is usually how you get the best photographs!
2. Work with what you've got, if you can't go somewhere to take photographs then keep it simple and take pictures around your village or in your garden, you can always edit them later on.
3. If you can't take the perfect photographs straight away then don't give up or stress over it, practice is the key and it always takes time to get better at something.

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