Tuesday, 17 January 2017

2017 Fashion Trends!

So one thing that I am pretty good at, not that it's ever going to be any use in an interview or to impress someone... is spotting upcoming/current fashion trends.

I have to admit, I spend A LOT of my lunch times in high street stores looking at or buying clothes and so I thought I would share the fashion trends that I think are upcoming in 2017!

1.  Embroidery

Take a quick walk through any high street clothes shop at the moment and one trend that you'll notice is everything has embroidery on it, from boots to jeans and jumpers- EVERYTHING is embroidered and I don't know how I feel about it! I personally think the embroidered Mom jeans are pretty cool however I don't think I'll be investing just yet!

I found this gorgeous baby pink embroiled jumper and I was gutted to find that it is out of stock! however you can find it in grey HERE

2. Frills

The next thing that I spotted again and again in several different shops is Frills! I think frills are really girly and feminine so I was quite pleased to see these on tops, jumpers and even skirts, wearing frills is a great way to bring something more bold into your outfit whilst maintaining an elegant touch.

I love this black pencil skirt with frill detailing, I think it's perfect to wear to work or a more dressy occasion- this would go well with a plain top or blouse and a jacket! Find it HERE on Newlook

3. Pleats

Personally, I'm quite happy about this trend as I love pleated skirts, I think they're elegant and girly and a great statement piece (perfect for valentines day paired with some heels! ) I haven't yet owned one and so I had to order this one from H&M , even better it's in the sale! Find it HERE

4. Stripes

Stripes seems to come back in year after year as it really is a classic, 'safe' look to go for! I personally love stripes, in particular black or navy as they seem to go with my blonde hair. I think that wearing stripes is a great way to make a statement with your outfit. I have been loving my striped, lace up jumper from Primark- Find it HERE for a bargain price of £10.
5. Pastels

I have started to notice the gorgeous pastel pinks, blues and yellows reappearing in the High street stores! I have always loved pastel colours: the subtlety and 'girliness' of them just appeals to me. When i was wondering around Toyshop I couldn't resist this cute pastel pink and striped raincoat, yes it may be slightly overpriced- but look how gorgeous it is! Find it HERE.
I hope you enjoy reading about what I think the trends of 2017 currently are. what do you think is currently trending within the fashion world? 

I will be back soon with another post!


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