Monday, 12 December 2016

Wandering into the adult world...

Since leaving school almost 6 months ago, I have faced so many new challenges, gone completely out of my comfort zone (and felt good for it) developed so much as a person, and started experiencing parts of the adult life...

As I now spend 90% of my time working around adults, and in a professional environment, I have found that I have drifted away from the aimless school drama and 'banter' as it was called. Don't get me wrong I haven't transformed into a boring, blunt, individual over a period of 6 months..however I have definitely learnt to avoid the drama, form professional working relationships and become more confident in a working environment- this has come from leaving the constant worry of being judged by people my age and instead concentrating on what I am achieving at work (throughout my apprenticeship)

Since starting my apprenticeship (with the City of Lincoln Council) I have also had endless amounts of experiences including: Helping to plan and work at the Christmas light switch on, working at the Remembrance services in November, helping out at the opening of the Lincoln Christmas market and helping out (stewarding) at several charity events! All these opportunities I have had have all contributed to the development of me as a person and more importantly the confidence I have in myself. It has helped so much with overcoming a lot of my anxiety issues and teaching myself that there are no limitations in what I can do and achieve, as long as I believe in myself (cliche I know.)

Sorry if I have gone on a bit of a tangent with this one, I haven't had the chance to release my thoughts like this in such a long time (my bad)

I am not by any means saying that I didn't enjoy school at all and that I didn't achieve anything because that would be lying. I achieved amazing grades that I am so proud of, formed strong relationships that I still have to this day and I also learnt a lot about myself.

Sometimes I just need to reflect on and appreciate how lucky I am to be doing my apprenticeship and what it enables me to do and learn on an every day basis. Leaving school was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made and I am so glad that 6 months ago I made that brave decision to take the wild card and go on to the next chapter of my life.

Although I have so many more thoughts/ pieces of advice that I could share with you right here and now, I will leave them for another blog post! So I hope you have enjoyed this little stream of my thoughts and I will be back soon (I promise this time) with another blog post!

Also If you don't already, then be sure to have a look at my youtube channel which I will link HERE, thank you.


  1. It's so good that so many positive things have come from your apprentiship! I hope it carries on being as rewarding!
    Freya x

  2. Yes I agree! Thank you ap much lovely:)xx

  3. My life is going the same sort of way now too, I'm growing up now and I love it! It sounds like your apprenticeship is great! x


    1. I love it too! I'm glad things are going well for you. Sometimes the whole 'adulting thing' gets overwhelming but overall it's great being able to have a lot more control over my life:) I am really enjoying my apprenticeship, thank you <3 x