Thursday, 22 December 2016

Getting all 'wrapped up' in Christmas

When I hear people go on about how Christmas is such a Peaceful time of year; a time to reflect and relax- It leaves me thinking if I am actually living on the same planet as them? but then again some people aren't as crazily stressy as me and don't think about every little thing in such depth..

I LOVE Christmas day, the music, the family time, the food, the gift giving and also gift receiving and not forgetting cuddling up to watch the classic Christmas films that reappear year after year whilst delving into a box of roses- it has to be my favourite time of the year, cliche but so very true.

Now I have an apprenticeship and I get a proper wage, I expect myself to buy everyone a 'proper' present, when I say proper present I just mean something other than a box of chocolates or a token gift and whilst I love buying gifts for people, I feel so stressed about whether I have got enough people presents and whether I have spent enough. 

Chad reminded me earlier that Christmas definitely isn't all about giving and receiving and although I have heard this endless amounts of times  I do sometimes find this hard to remember it as like everyone else who works in town; I am constantly surrounded by the 'Christmas deals' and the whole commercial side of it and as I am not particularly religious I don't follow the whole Christmas story in the build up to Christmas... so it can very easily become a stressful inconvenience rather than a joyful, exciting time! 

Although the religious part of Christmas doesn't particularly stand out to me, I do love how everyone comes together and enjoys each other's company (plus a few family domestics) and whether you are religious or not Christmas should be a relaxing, happy and peaceful time. 

So when you're rushing around doing that last minute, panicked Christmas shopping- just remember it is only one day, it doesn't need to be perfect and the main part of it is being with the people you love.

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and I will be continuing to post into 2017, but for now Good bye! 


  1. I hope you have an amazing Christmas and 2017! xx

  2. I had a lovely Christmas thank you, I hope you did too! I can't believe how fast 2017 has come around. happy new year Laura xx