Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Decorating for Christmas!

Tonight me, my mum and brother decorated our house ready for Christmas so I thought I would share a few pictures, some of the decorations are DIYS that I have previously shared on my blog!

Firstly we got a real tree this year, it's just a small one that fits into our lounge perfectly! I decorated it with silver ball balls and snowflakes, some simplistic lights and a few of our traditional decorations. 

Next I brought a beautiful Christmas reef from the suthery Christmas fair for only £2! I placed this on the table and sprinkled some snow glitter and rose gold hearts around it, I would love to have a go at making my own reef next year.

We always have some nuts and a nut cracker on the little table in our lounge, this adds a homely, traditional feeling to the house and you can't beat the challenge of trying to successfully crack a  nut!

Here are a few of the Christmas decorations..

Finally we have some holly in a mason jar, I love this festive but simple decoration.

We also brought some gorgeous reindeer crackers from dunelm mill.

That's all for today - Lauryn x


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